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My Uncle Woody has the coolest family…meet the the other Barnes family.  My cousins, Daniel and Will are really young enough to be my nephews.  Sometimes we confuse them by letting them call us “Aunt Meg and Uncle Nate”.  We’ll have some explaining to do later.

They come to the lake every summer and these boys are FUN!!  They are totally fearless on the tube.  I am talking 25mph, getting whipped behind a boat, tossed around for hours.  And when we get back to the house, they still have energy to swim.  Whew!!  I am worn out just thinking about it!!  And they are so sweet.  Will LOVES animals, and does the cutest impressions of an Animal Planet news broadcaster. Everything you ever wanted to know about turtles.  And Daniel is in to sports.  This guy will be in major league something one day!!!!

I am so happy we got to see them twice this summer.  I can’t get enough of them…

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