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My Amy Lou

My beautiful friend, Amy, is getting hitched!  We took bridal photos, and the results were stunning.  So many gorgeous photos to choose from.  But keep in mind, I cannot show photos that reveal her magnificent, white gown.  Got to keep the big secret, a secret.
The camera loves her, and so do I!!

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W. Barnes

My Uncle Woody has the coolest family…meet the the other Barnes family.  My cousins, Daniel and Will are really young enough to be my nephews.  Sometimes we confuse them by letting them call us “Aunt Meg and Uncle Nate”.  We’ll have some explaining to do later.

They come to the lake every summer and these boys are FUN!!  They are totally fearless on the tube.  I am talking 25mph, getting whipped behind a boat, tossed around for hours.  And when we get back to the house, they still have energy to swim.  Whew!!  I am worn out just thinking about it!!  And they are so sweet.  Will LOVES animals, and does the cutest impressions of an Animal Planet news broadcaster. Everything you ever wanted to know about turtles.  And Daniel is in to sports.  This guy will be in major league something one day!!!!

I am so happy we got to see them twice this summer.  I can’t get enough of them…

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The Kleins

Some of my favorite people in the whole world:  the Kleins!  My Aunt, Uncle and cousins are so dear to me.  Syd, Connor, and Marin are a shining example of how little people grow in a blink of an eye!! They are amazing; spunky, entertaining, and great with their littlest cousins.  And they are all good looking too!!  It was a joy to spend the evening shooting photos of them by the lake.

So, without further ado…


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Kevin KleinAugust 31, 2011 - 1:22 pm

Meg – You are a genius with a camera! You always manage to make us look so good! We can’t thank you enough for doing these for us. Every single pic will be plastered on a wall in Haiti. Love that first pic — Marin in Kevin’s shoes and the memory of Seth and Michelle witll be forever seared in my brain (makes me laugh even now!) We all had the best time with all of you — it is always a joy and never long enough!
Love you all, M