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Yearly Archives: 2011

The Turner Family

I love this sweet little family and it’s about to get BIGGER!  Another little girl on the way.  Oh happy day!!

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The Mooreheads

My good friends make some ridiculously cute little people!  Thank you Joanna for choosing the perfect location for fun and photos.  And now, for your viewing pleasure…

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The O’Toole Family

The O’Toole family is back in full effect!!  Baby Owen is now eight (and a half) months and a ray of sunshine.  He loved all my songs, daddy’s fake coughs, and mommy’s funny faces.  He was very generous with the smiles and laughter. Thanks for the amazing shoot!  Y’all come back now, ya hear?!?

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The Condons, Part II

The Condon family wanted to do an encore photo shoot to celebrate…No more braces for Claire!!  She looked beautiful and so did her sisters.  This family was perfection last time, and they were yet again.  Always a pleasure!

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The Hurtados

The cutest family on earth just happen to be my dear friends and neighbors.  They are about to turn their family of three in to a family of four.  More Hurtados please!!

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